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    If you are looking for Macbook Repairs, You have come to the right place. At Gold PC, we are experts in that and more than happy to repair your MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in record time. We’re also eager to help you take your notebook to the next level by offering complete MacBook upgrading services.

    Macbook Repairs (Bayswater & Canning Vale)

    Gold PC offers quick, reliable MacBook repairs and upgrades in Bayswater, Canning Vale, and surrounding Perth areas. Apple products are made of higher quality materials and with unique technology, a bit harder to repair. Moreover, the process is slightly more tedious and requires specialized skills. At Gold PC, all of our technicians are quite experienced in MacBook repairs and upgrades. Until now, we have repaired hundreds of MacBook laptops and performed hundreds of upgrades.

    Fix Your Macbook with a Trusted Expert

    Whatever your need, our team of skilled and experienced technicians will guide you step-by-step on how to get your MacBook back in an improved state and how to improve its performance. No matter what are the apps or tools you use, or the tasks you are performing on your laptop, you will be able to finish them quicker and with less hassle.



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    • Why not buy a new MacBook?

      A MacBook is a fairly expensive laptop. Instead of investing in a newer model and spend thousands of dollars, it is wiser to repair your old MacBook and have a reliable Macbook that will look almost the same as 2019 Macbooks. You can have a laptop that still functions excellently without having to buy the latest MacBook that has hit the market.

      While the manufacturer recommends you to repair the MacBook in their own centers, you should know that you can still repair your MacBook at third parties and save hundreds of dollars in the process. That’s why, at Gold PC, we are proud to offer high-level MacBook repair services that compete with Apple’s own repair centers. We repair MacBooks and we offer 3 months warranty for all our notebook repair services. You love your notebook, and we know that. However, at some point in the life of your laptop, it either starts to freeze, work slowly or has malware that has affected all the processes.

      Contact us at LL: 92719924 Mob: 0415332231 and get your laptop looked at.

    • Why repair your MacBook with us?

      because simply you will Save time and money, and we will keep your good memories and let you enjoy a better, higher performing Macbook. And in case your Macbook is unrepairable, we can offer you a refurbished MacBook with 3 months warranty, and you can trade in your old Mcbook with us.

    • Our Macbook Repair Services

      We repair everything on your MacBook, from a broken screen and keyword to SSD replacement, data recovery, tune-up, and processor. Even if you think that your old laptop is beyond repair, we assure you that we can fix it.

      We repair all Apple models, including iMac 2010, iMac 2013 and above, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and MacBook retina screen.

    • Why Upgrade your MacBook?

      Macs are quite unique in the world. These modern notebooks come with such a high build quality, that they can perform at high capacity even after 4-5 years of use. We often see MacBooks that we upgraded just recently and work even better than brand new laptops.

      Upgrading your MacBook can truly make miracles for your notebook. For example,
      • By switching over to SSD instead of HDD, you can make your MacBook run several times faster than before.
      • By upgrading your RAM, you can also dramatically boost its speed and reliability.

      You can make your laptop run even faster and be more reliable than the very first day you bought it. Thanks to our tune-ups and upgrades, we can enable you to get the best Apple has to offer.

    • Data Recovery

      Lastly, at Gold PC, we offer professional data recovery services. If your notebook is destroyed beyond repair, you can get the peace of mind that your important information is not lost. Our professional technicians know exactly what methods to use in order to extract sensitive information from any laptop. You can rest assured that your financial information, wedding photos, favorite movies or files, can be recovered in case of a hard drive failure.

      Check our customer’s success stories with us


      Contact us today at LL: 92719924 Mob: 0415332231 and enjoy high-quality MacBook Repairs and upgrades services.

    Check our customer’s success stories with us



    Logic Board Mac repairs, Mac SSD upgrades, battery replacement for any type of Macbook or iMac.


    Slow computer and laptop Repairs.

    Broken Screen Replacements.

    CMOS Battery Replacement.


    Recover deleted files  from emails, digital photos, and files.


    Trade in your old laptop or MacBook & upgrade to a great quality refurbished laptop.


    High Quality refurbished laptops and MacBooks with 90 days warranty. Contact us today to check our stock.


    A broken screen? You’ve come to the right place! Our hardware technicians are expects at replacing  laptop, Macbook and iMac screens so you won’t have to buy a new device!


    Speed up your computer or laptop with an SSD.  We will install a new SSD and migrate your data across.  SSDs make your laptop 20 times faster!


    Over 25 years experience in business IT support, planning and execution. We take care of all your IT needs so you focus on your business.

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