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    IT Business Support Perth | Managed IT Services & IT Support in Perth

    Get Managed IT Services in Perth

    Businesses must clearly understand their IT infrastructure to manage both a physical and virtual environment. This means understanding the hardware and software needed to support the business and how these systems are interconnected. Furthermore, businesses need to monitor and manage their IT infrastructure effectively to avoid any disruptions to the business.

    A company’s lack of experience in IT installation and management can cause employees to spend more time and money on tasks than they should. You can eliminate all those headaches by getting the gold standard with Gold PC

    Gold PC is a team of IT support experts based in Perth, Australia. We specialise in helping businesses remove the frustration from IT by providing up-to-date management, consultations, technology solutions and IT services customised to each company’s needs.

    How We Set the Gold PC Standard

    Any IT partner can help you set up and manage your IT infrastructure in a profitable way for your business. Still, we set the gold standard with our experience helping businesses of all sizes from many different industries with their IT needs. Our affordable and efficient solutions and our qualified professionals can help you avoid risks to your data and productivity.


    Gold PC sets your standard for managed IT services in Perth by providing clients with the following:


    • A program that’s custom fit to address the needs of your business. The program is based in Perth, Australia and supports your IT needs.


    • The latest software and hardware technology can be used to monitor your operations. This may include using new software to track your inventory or hardware to monitor your production process.


    • The latest in data hacking prevention and virus response. It covers the basics of these two things and how they work together to keep your computer safe.
    • Modern communication systems help make you a fierce competitor in today’s technology-focused industries, no matter the size of your business. By staying up-to-date with the latest communication technology, you can ensure that your business can effectively connect with clients, customers, and employees.
    • Collaborative IT system management so you can prioritise your business goals, ensuring that your systems are productive and efficient and minimising the risks associated with self-management.



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    • Why You Need Gold PC Managed Business IT Services?

      When you have in-house IT support, you are essentially paying someone to have expertise in many areas, most of which your company may not need. This can be a waste of money, as you are essentially paying someone to be on-call for problems that may never occur. In addition, your in-house IT support staff may not have all the specific expertise needed to solve certain problems, leading to wasted time and frustration.


      Conversely, a managed IT support company can provide your business with the specific expertise it needs to solve IT problems quickly and efficiently. By working with a managed IT support company like Gold PC, you can ensure that your IT problems are solved by qualified experts promptly, saving your company time and money. We are confident in providing excellent service and always strive to exceed expectations with these services:

      • Modern IT solutions.
      • Professional ICT services.
      • Account and Project management.
      • Cyber security strategies.
      • Network monitoring.
      • Great customer support.
    • What You Get from the Gold PC Standard

      We offer custom IT support services that are designed specifically for your company. We stay up-to-date on the latest technology so that we can deliver the most efficient and effective support possible. We create detailed workflows and establish streamlined processes to help your business run smoothly, being devoted to giving customers:

      • Specific, strategic advice.
      • Cutting-edge hardware, software, data processing, and management solutions.
      • Customised resolutions for IT problems according to your terms and timeframe.
    • What are Managed IT Services?

      As a proficiently managed service provider (MSP), we provide a set of IT-related services to businesses, taking on the responsibility of managing and delivering these services, which can include things like network and data security, application development and maintenance, and more.


    • Data Backup And Recovery

      Our backup and recovery Services protect your data when an interruption to your normal business operations occurs. This could be caused by a security breach or natural disaster. Having the right backup and recovery solution in place will ensure that your business can continue to operate without suffering from data loss.

    • Remote IT Support

       Gold PC’s remote support software empowers our IT technicians to provide support to users from anywhere in the world. This type of software can be very useful for businesses with employees in different locations or for individuals who need help with their computers but cannot get to a physical support center.



    • Data security

      Our data security services can help you protect your data by assessing your authorization, authentication, and encryption methods, reviewing your backup and recovery processes, and optimizing your internal training programs.


    • Network Setup

      We take care of all the installation details so that you can focus on running your business. Our goal is to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

    • Cloud Computing

      We provided computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the Internet (“the cloud”). This delivers faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.

    • Office 365

      We provide your organization with secure, reliable, and productive Microsoft 365 and Office 365’s cloud-based services.

    • Google Workspace

      We also provide clients with Google Workspace—an array of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products released and marketed by Google—to improve online collaboration on a work-based platform.

    • Data Migration

      Gold PC helps clients efficiently transfer large amounts of data from historical systems to new ones.



    • System Upgrades

      Our upgrade services cover a lot of different types of systems and the infrastructure that supports these platforms.

    • Managed Virtual CIO

      Our vCIO is responsible for the customer’s overall IT strategy and works to ensure that their IT infrastructure is secure and up-to-date. They also provide forward-looking services to help the customer identify opportunities for innovation and business success.

      Work with the Gold PC standard today. Book a consultation with one of our IT experts!

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