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 Gaming computers repairs services in Perth WA, repair all issues including overheating issues, fixing gaming computers is our specialty.  At Gold PC, we offer top gaming computers repairs services to all customers in Bayswater Perth and surrounding areas.

We have fixed dozens of gaming computers in Perth WA. We have managed to tackle all types of problems, both common and not so common. In addition to the standard overheating, graphics card failure, lag or temporary freezing, our technicians have dealt with screen tearing, stuttering and complexity of the interface.

Types of Gaming Computers we Dealt with

With so many new releases this year, including Metro Exodus or Doom Eternal, not to mention Resident Evil 2, you probably want to prepare for the onslaught of terrific games in 2019. However, you can’t do that while your computer is sluggish or totally outdated. Instead of investing thousands of dollars in a new one, we recommend you to upgrade it, or repair it at a specialized unit.

Gaming Computers repairs perth wa
Gaming Computers repairs Perth wa

At Gold PC, we have repaired numerous gaming computers, including Alienware Aurora R7, MSI Infinite A, Intel Hades Canyon, MSI Trident 3 or Dell XPS Tower Special Edition. We’ve also had the privilege to repair gaming computers with a design out of this world, such as Alienware Area 51, Corsair One Elite or DIY PCs.

If you have a unique type of PC with a DIY configuration, we’d be more than pleased to discover its secrets and fix it.

Give us a call at LL: 92719924  Mob: 0415332231 or send us an email at [email protected] and we will be thrilled to meet your beast.

Common Problems for Gaming Computers

Gaming laptops have stronger configurations and are built to last much longer than standard laptops. Hence the high price tag. Nevertheless, they can still have certain issues that can prevent you from fully enjoying them.

Below is a list with the most common problems gaming computers experience:

-Excessive lag:

One of the most common issues a gaming computer

may experience is excessive lagging. Online lag could be indeed a very frustrating experience, especially if you are a pro gamer. If you get more than 120 ms, and your internet connection is secure, then it might be something with the laptop settings.

We can help you with that. Our experienced technicians know all the ins and outs of lagging, and they know how to use BIOS and other tools in order to decrease lag and help you enjoy a flawless gaming experience.


If your PC is overheating, it might be truly a big problem for you. We know exactly what do to in order to prevent overheating from affecting you again. Of course, we also recommend upgrading your gaming computer to SSD. The benefits are multiple, and you can read them all by migrating to a more stable SSD unit.

-Temporary freezing:

games are supposed to run extremely smooth on gaming PCs. However, gamers may run frequently into this annoying problem of temporary freezing. The screen freezes right when you are aiming for that perfect headshot or when you want to finish off your enemy.

Temporary freezing might be the direct result of a decrease in performance. At Gold PC, we use the most advanced tools in order to determine if your computer meets the recommended hard drive, RAM, video RAM, and speed performance. We assess the problem to also determine if there are some programs on your system that are preventing you from enjoying lag-free games.


Another issue you might be experiencing when playing games are constant glitches. Also known as artifacts, this weirdness makes texture to appear colored or way too pixelated. The problem here is with your computer’s video card. Whether it’s outdated drivers, incompatible video card or beta drivers, it is imperative to solve the root cause.

Work with the Best in Gaming Computers Repairs

At Gold PC, we focus on solving the root cause of the problem in order to help you enjoy smooth games with no pixels, glitches or lags. We pride ourselves with having the best team in Perth in the gaming computers repairs industry.

We offer full Asus gaming computers repairs services to cater to the growing needs of Asus repairs in Perth WA

Asus gaming laptops are just exceptional.

Their gaming laptops released in 2018 and 2019 are equipped with 8th gen processors, offering improved gaming performance and taking the multitasking concept to a whole new level.

Laptops like Asus ROG Strix, ROG Zephyrus, ROG GX800VH or ROG GL502VS are exceptionally powerful and represent a huge financial investment for buyers. The problem is that just like any other laptop on their market, Asus gaming laptops can break, such as

  •   They freeze, the hard disk may fail,
  • The screen may break or the touchpad might stop working.


  • The fan might make too much noise
  • The battery would stop lasting more than a few hours,
  • And the network connectivity might get faulty.

You can experience technical issues with your Asus Gaming Laptop, even if it is fairly new, Thus, support by a team of professionals who can fix your ASUS laptop ASAP who can provide a clear and concise solution. No need to waste precious hours on Google trying to decipher the true cause of the problem.

You should hire a team of specialists to solve it quicker and safer.  At Gold PC Mac And Computer Repairs, we offer comprehensive Asus gaming laptops repair services in Perth and surrounding areas. We have that team of specialists who can solve your problem extremely fast and gain you the peace of mind that your laptop is safe. We also offer 3 months full warranty of any hardware repair we do.

Contact us and one of our team of technicians will fix your problem in no time at all.

Why Asus Gaming Laptops?

Asus gaming laptops come with several advantages over other laptops available on their market. Asus has a unique and simple goal to enrich the multimedia experience of its users. They have managed to achieve this goal with ease by releasing super high-quality, high-performance gaming laptops.

  • Asus offers exclusive technology specially designed to enhance its series of gaming laptops. It has apps for boosting memory, tools, and utilities for everyday use, software for boosting productivity, and the list goes on.
  • The Asus gift box is quite large.  With an Asus gaming laptop, you can boast in front of your friends and colleagues. Your laptop benefits of the exceptional Asus eye care technology, which decreases blue light by up to 33%.
  • You can also enjoy the Sonic Master technology or the Audio Wizard to experience astounding sound quality.


  • Asus gaming laptops are also equipped with unique technologies from the manufacturer, such as Tru2life, SuperBatt, ergonomic keyboard or IceCool.

Impact of Upgrading your Asus Gaming Laptop to SSD

In addition to Asus repair services, we also offer upgrade SSD services for your Asus gaming laptop. An SSD is less likely to fail, it doesn’t heat up and offers more performance for games.   When you are in the middle of a fight in your favorite game, the last thing you want to experience is a computer failure. You’ll never experience it with an SSD. Compared with an HDD, SDD is more secure, prolongs your battery life and gives you better responsiveness in games.

There is no doubt that your Asus gaming laptop is something you are quite proud of. That’s why you are looking for a permanent fix to the problems you are facing. Look no more. Our experienced technicians are ready to help you out. Our teams have decades of combined experience in fixing broken or faulty Asus gaming laptops.

Because of the growing number of gamers who purchase Asus laptops, we decided to expand our team. Thus, we can now easily accommodate all orders. We have experience in dealing with any type of gaming laptop issue: bugs, lags, screen failure, hard disk failure, screen freeze, blue screen, pixels on the screen, etc.

Alienware repairs services cater to all our customers’ needs and enable us to deliver high-end, quick repairing services to Alienware owners in Perth and surroundings.

Alienware laptops are heavy and sophisticated, but extremely beautiful and useful. If you are an avid gamer or just the lucky owner of an Alienware laptop, you want to keep your laptop working at its max capacity at all times. You just can’t own an Alienware without leveraging its raw power and enjoying its stability and overclocking.

However, just like any other laptop on the market, Alienware laptops tend to break. The circuits overheat, the battery may fail, the hard drive is slowed down or your favorite game is lagging really bad. When you notice one of these symptoms, it means it is time to look for Alienware repairs services in Perth.

Alienware Laptops Repairs are Quite Difficult

When it comes to Alienware repairs, you need to know that these laptops are extremely hard to repair. Their extremely complex design, toughness, and dedicated video cards make them very hard to disassemble and fix. More than often, finding the root problem might take several hours. Fortunately, at Gold PC we have the most qualified technicians to repair Alienware laptops. All our technicians have repaired several Alienware laptops before, and have discovered practical ways to tackle the problem. They use unique tips in order to find the root cause of the problem and then come up with the best solution at hand. The complex work is made easy by the experience and skill of our technicians.

Repair your Alienware Laptop Today

Buying an Alienware is a long-term investment. You should not let your investment amount to anything. Know that these laptops were built to last several years, so it is never too late to make your own Alienware notebook work flawlessly once more.

Get your gaming laptop repaired by a team of professional technicians today. We are always more than happy to find the real cause of the malfunction and to make your laptop satisfy you once again. Even if we haven’t worked on your model before or the problem is more complex than anything we’ve dealt with, you can bet that we will be more than pleased to gain more experience in repairing Alienware laptops.

We can brag with fixing the following Alienware models:

  • M14x
  • M17x
  • 17 R3
  • M13X R2
  • M13X R3
  • and The Aurora R1 960, and We’re always ready to tackle more models and solve more complex situations.

Our Alienware Laptops Repairs Services

We offer a plethora of Alienware repair services. In addition to fixing your laptop, we can also fix the battery backup, jack, adapters, fans, inverter, keyword, LCD screen, and any other internal or external components.

Here are the main 3 categories of Alienware Laptops repair services we offer:

1. Alienware Set up

If you just bought your first Alienware machine and you are still trying to set it up, do not worry – you are not alone in this. Contact us and our specialized technicians will help you configure your Alienware laptop. From printer and scanner set up to external drives and hard disk configuration, we offer all the services you need in order to enjoy a perfect laptop.

2. Laptop Upgrade

One of our top Alienware services is the laptop upgrade. If your laptop feels quite sluggish and it has no virtual issues, or it is just out of date, we can upgrade it with the latest components in order to make it run smoother than ever before. You can enjoy higher memory capacity, better CPU, faster hard drive, and of course a much-improved graphics card. Playing PC games released in 2019 will never be a problem anymore.

3. Alienware Hardware Support

Our experienced technicians will troubleshoot, verify, diagnose and repair your Alienware laptop, in one of our stores or on-site. All the services we offer are done with high-end, Alienware parts. Thus, you can rest assured that your laptop will continue to work seamlessly for a long time to come.

Contact us now at LL: 92719924 Mob: 0415332231 and we will repair your gaming computer at once.

Alienware Repairs in Perth

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